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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Matisyahu and P.O.D and more

There’s a new collaboration between Matisyahu and P.O.D. the Christian metal band.

Listen to this grate music online (mp3) for free on P.O.D's mySpace

It’s a meeting of religion and music and it makes for a beautiful blend. Here’s a link that takes a peek at their recording process.

check out P.O.D's new song : Roots In Stereo (featuring Matisyahu)
what can i say I love that song ... good combo, POD and Matisyahu .

check out this new unofficial mash-up I found of Matisyahu and The Rolling Stones:

matisyahu and The rolling stones mashup.mp3 (taken from http://jewschool.com)


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