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Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Here is a blog post of one of Matisyahu's biggest fans:

First of all let me just preempt this entry by saying that I would only have this kind of star studded reaction to only a few people in the entire world. I am not a groupie, ultimate fan or celebrity watcher by any means, but for some reason (and everyone has ONE) there are probably 3 people in the world that I would love to meet -and I MET one of them.

Okay so yes it happened, it truly truly happened.
How it did still evades me.
How the heck I only got one picture of us and it is BLURRY still evades me as well :(
But I digress.....
First of all, the concert itself was amazing! I was standing FRONT AND CENTRE. With my Israeli flag. There is no way I could have gotten a better place to see Matis perform. I won't even mention that the concert was called for 7pm and he didn't get onstage till 10:30pm. I don't like waiting in general(who does)but for him I did.
His vocals, lyrics and talent are truly unbelievable and need to be exerienced in person to really appreciate him for who he is and what he does.
I won't be able to tell you what the crowd was like because I wouldn't look back for a second!

Me and Matis
My favorite performance was when he did a slower version of 'Indestructable'.
It was such a blast being able to yell out all the lyrics to all his songs and see that he saw me and acknowledged me doing it. A stranger beside me kept saying throughout the concert, are you sure Matisyahu doesn't know you because he keeps looking at you. (I think it is because he thought I was beautiful LOL).
At one point in the song 'Ancient Lullaby' he stood right infront of me and when he got to the lyrics "I am you, you are me" he pointed at himself and then me and then back to himself!
During the song "Jerusalem" I of course waved my Israeli flag.
His mother in law, and sister in law had previously in the week arranged to meet me after the concert and take me backstage. They very kindly took me backstage to meet him.

We arrived backstage and when he came out he said a few words and then instructed the Rabbi to start as WE DAVENED MARIV TOGETHER!!!!! Then, I met him.
He was very gracious and said that he had seen pictures of me and my children. (through a family friend). He also said that he saw me in the concert at the front.
We exchanged a few words which are personal to me and I don't want to blog about, and then he signed my Matisyahu gear and I very humbly left. By then it was 2 am.

I very hesitantly blog about this due to it being a very special moment for me, but really wanted to share it on some level.

taken from jewcy.


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