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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Matistyahu comes to Israel

Return of the reggae rapper

Matisyahu LiveIt's official. Matisyahu, the Chabadnik who has sold nearly two million copies of his various Jewish-themed reggae/hip-hop recordings, is returning to the holy land to spread his musical message. At 8:30pm on Saturday night, March 31, the reggae rapper will be performing at Jerusalem's Binyanei HaUma (International Convention Center) with an additional Tel Aviv appearance on April 1 at 9pm at Hangar 11.

Over the past year, Matisyahu has transformed from a much buzzed about Crown Heights rapper to a major star on the American music scene. He's appeared at Madison Square Garden, conquered the billboard charts with his album Youth, and even opened for Sting at his performance here in Israel.

Although he continues to do well in his musical career abroad, Matisyahu has always spoken about his special connection to the land of Israel, and in recent interviews has expressed his desire to live in Jerusalem one day.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 03-524-7373, or by logging onto www.leaan.co.il.
(source: JPost.com)



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