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Monday, January 30, 2006

Matisyahu - more videos I found on the internet

Beat-Boxing- Matisyahu-BCHSJS (02:05)
two silly girls on a Matisyahu concert (00:42)

Chop Em Down clip Matisyahu FDU (00:40)

These girls are singing "Chop em' down" (I say, girls, don't leave your day job) I bet they never thought someone else will see this :-) (02:59)

King Without A Crown clip Matisyahu FDU (01:14)

Beat-Boxing - Matisyahu--FDU (02:59)

Hebrew-Break-clip - Matisyahu--JCC-on-P (00:36)

Exaltations-clip - Matisyahu--FDU (00:52)

OAR - Program Director Featuring Matisyahu (02:03)

Matisyahu @ House of Blues (Hollywood) (no sound) (01:45)

Matisyahu Beatbox @ St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI (03:40)

King without a Crown - Matisyahu live in London (02:52)

Matisyahu Video of Jimmy Kimmel (4/19/05) (06:01)
(this is not the first time he is on Jimmy Kimmel)


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