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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Matisyahu one on one : FHM 4 - MATISYAHU 11

By Danny Spiegel
Not only is Matisyahu the world's foremost proponent of Hasidic dancehall reggae, but he is also a powerhouse on the basketball court. To celebrate the release of his latest album, Youth, FHM challenged the Brooklyn, NY, master of flow to a game of one-on-one. The result will surprise no one—but Matisyahu's ballin' skills will.

Click here to watch video of the mauling!


Why did you want to ball with us?
I love the game. My grandfather played professional basketball in the 1930s for a team called the Detroit Clowns. He taught me how to shoot.

Can I swear when you score?
I’d prefer if you didn’t.


The less-enlightened might call you a novelty act. What would you say to them?
Come to a show. Buy a CD. If the music doesn’t affect you in a penetrating way, you can call me whatever you want.

How do you keep kosher on the road?
Most cities have a Chabad house—Chabad is the Hasidic group I’m connected with—and I’ll eat there. We also have a fridge onboard the bus. There are usually deli meats, turkey, juices and some string cheese in there.


A well-deserved win. As a music star, how do you handle adoring female fans?
One reason I got married was because I knew I’d be around pretty women and I didn’t want to tempt myself. Being religious, there are no one-night stands. Women don’t invite me to their hotel rooms, but some will offer their hand to shake, which I can’t do.

Who do you count as fans?
Everyone from right-wing Christians to Rastas, frat boys to hippies and little kids to 80-year-old Jewish women.

That must lead to strange encounters.
I played a show in Minnesota on Halloween. A guy dressed in a nun’s outfit came up to me and tried to do the sign of the cross. He was drunk, and I warned him that, although it was funny, it wasn’t cool. A few weeks later, after a show in Seattle, the same kid came up to me and said, “Hey, it’s me—the nun from Minneapolis!”

Matisyahu’s new album, Youth, is out now.

(taken from fhm.com)


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