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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Matisyahu on Satellite Radio

Today I registered to SIRIUS Satellite Radio (free trial), I was listening to one of their pop channels, the channel is called "SIRIUS Hits 1" (The songs at the top of the charts and the latest pop hits). And what do I hear? Yes, you guessed it, Matisyahu's "King without a crown". I'm not sure if Matisyahu is really "pop" but nevermind. I keep listening hoping to hear new songs from "Youth".

You too can register for a Free 3 Day Trial-Listen to SIRIUS' 100% Commercial-Free Music Online

Have fun ....


Blogger israelvideoblog said...

Hello Matisyahu fans!

Thanks for commenting on our blog: israelvideoblog.org

Matisyahu is cool! Hey, if someone has access to a Matisyahu video to post on the blog, go for it.

Israel Video Blog team

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